To bond someone out of Jail, bring the amount of bail to the Court Clerk's Office and they will give you a receipt to bring over to the Sheriff's Office. After hours, bond can be posted at the front window of the Sheriff's Office. If you do not have cash for the bond, you will need to contact a bondsman of your choice. There are several bondsmen listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. The bondsman you contact should be familiar with the procedure. The information needed to complete the paperwork can be obtained at the Court Clerk's Office. After hours you can contact the front desk of the Sheriff's Office. If you are bonding someone out after the court has closed or on weekends there is a $10.00 additional processing fee which must be separate from the bond. The inmate is released from the Sixth Street entrance of the Jail once everything is completed. It takes thirty minutes to an hour to book someone into Jail and another thirty minutes to complete the bond paperwork and release them. If there are problems or the Jail staff is busy, it may take much longer to complete the process.